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A Collection of Helpful Reviews for the Shark Rotator Professional Vacuum

A Review Collection for  Consumer Research

We want to help you make informed decisions when it comes to online shopping and we believe reviews are the best way to receive personal and real feedback from consumers who are just like you! Each of these reviews were found from purchases made on Each review was chosen due to extensive detail and unbiased opinions that give a sincere look at the product in comparison to the competition.

5 Star Review

The Pros & Cons of the Shark Rotator Pro Vacuum

“Just arrived today. Assembled in about 10 minutes, actually most of that time was getting it out of the box. Very easy to assemble; for me it was intuitive and easy. Afer I got it together I vaccumed the entire house, floors and carpets. When I was finished I had 1/2 of the dirt canister full of dirt and dust. We had just vaccumed the house last week with our old vaccum cleaner so I now understand the difference between this and that.

Prior to buying this we looked at many, many, many (get the drift?) models and manufacturers. We were finally down to the best Dyson Animal and this NV502. One final test drive and we were convinced that this was the best one for us. Now don't get me wrong, the Dyson is a very fine product, BUT the Shark just out preformed it in every test we could think of doing. The Shark also picked up things the Dyson missed on the first pass, but that was not the only thing. Price and suction were the final factors the made our decision for us.


1. All Switches and buttons on or near handle. Easy on/off & brush operation.

2. Five (5) year Warranty (yet very few reviews complained of defects)

3. Price - compare to many others and see how much yoou get here

4. Power - really has a lot of suction and got dirt and dust we did not know was there

5. Sealed HEPA System - not just the filter - but fully sealed Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology

6. Accessories: Premium Turbo Brush, 12" Crevice Tool, Dusting Brush, Straight Suction Nozzle, Canister Caddy (allows you

to take just the canister around for cleaning and leave to floor tool behind. A really great option for high

cleaning and curtains.), and a Home & Car Detail Kit (mini tools for the car or computer that is also sold

seperately for many other models).


1. Cord winds and is not retractable like a canister model (wow - you have to spend an extra 30 to 45 seconds manually

winding the cord). It is also not as long as some others I looked at, this is only 30 feet, which seems long, but still

requires three outlets to do the whle house. (sorry I am lazy and this is a con for me.)

2. Not a Dyson so some of you will not even consider this unot, but should.

Overall we are very pleased with this purchase and would recommend it. If things change I will of course update this review.”

3 Star Review

Great Vacuum, Accessories to be Improved

“Not as great as my Shark Rotator Pro NV402, but very nice for a primarily canister vac. If using as a primarily canister vac, I would recommend the optional caddy, as this vac can be a bit heavy and the power cord is a bit shorter.

This vac offers superior suction and excellent brush capabilities. The vac transitions easily between the carpet, tile, and wood floors, picking up clumps from each surface without throwing dirt around. Unfortunately, the dust collection bin is a bit small and a little more difficult to remove for emptying than the NV402. The cord placement is a bit awkward when used upright. Cleaning the filters can be just a hair more difficult than the NV402.

I bought the lift-away for a secondary residence where I would likely need a canister vac more than an upright. I bought it directly from Shark where they also included a less than impressive steam mop. The mop did an adequate job of cleaning my tile floor, but I probably would have never sought to buy the steam mop on its own.”

We hope this helps you make your decision when shopping for a Shark Vacuum. All Shark vacuum products require replacing your filter set a few times a year. If you are worried about finding a supplier at a low price with fast and free shipping we have got you covered.

Please click here to review our filter replacement sets for Shark Vacuum Models.

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