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Blender Models : A Complete Guide for 2019

You have single serve, basic, and high powered blenders, but how do you know which blender is made for you? This is a question simple smoothie makers and professional chefs have a problem with.

The Ultimate Blender Guide for 2019' s list of our favorite blenders on the market. Comparing each blenders key features, price, power, and user feedback will help you find the blender that matches your lifestyle.

5. NutriBullet Balance


The Health Nut

Key Features

The Nutribullet balance is the latest and most technologically advanced blender from the Magic Bullet brand. As you choose recipes from a connected app it calculates nutritional data such as calories, protein, sugar, and more!

Full Blender + Travel Cup Set: $173.90

Power: 1200W

User Feedback: ★★★★

If you are serious about the food you eat and you like a little tech luxury the NutriBullet balance is perfect for you. Quickly whip up breakfast smoothies, and protein shakes for the morning commute rush. While your at it you can prep and process fresh veggies for dinner!

4. Ninja Mega Kitchen BL770


The Family Chef

This high powered blender is great for the advanced chef who loves to make home made soups, sauces, and fresh smoothies. The large 72 oz pitchers allows you to create servings for the entire family.

Full Blender Set: $141.77

Power: 1500W

User Feedback: ★★★★

3. Ninja Master Prep Qb900B


Food Prep-per

This mid sized, low budget blender allows for simple dinner and party prep. Chop, blend, puree you way into a meal your friends can't forget!

Full Blender Set: $103.30

Power: 400W

User Feedback: ★★★

2. Bella Extract Pro Plus


The Breakfast Fanatic

The Bella Extract Pro Plus is great for single serve smoothies, fresh juice, pancake mix, scrambled eggs, jam, and more!

Full Blender Set: $88.95

Power: 700W

User Feedback: ★★★★

1. Ninja Chef


The Restaurant Chef

The Ninja Chef is one of Ninja's most powerful blenders. With pre set auto iQ settings you can choose from salsa, smoothie, nut butter, soup, ice cream, flour, and puree with a turn of a dial and touch of a button!

Full Blender Set: $136.70

Power: 1500W

User Feedback: ★★★★★


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