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How To : Change a Sonicare Toothbrush Head

Simple enough there are only two ways to put on a Sonicare toothbrush head, it just depends on which toothbrush model you are using! View the table below, find your model, and see if is a snap on or screw on head.

Snap On Brush Heads

Models Compatible :

  • Diamond Clean

  • Flexcare

  • Protective Clean

  • 2 Series

  • 3 Series

  • Healthy White

  • Essence Plus

  • Easy Clean

  • Hydro Clean

How To Snap On

First, you must remove the old and used brush head by snapping it off. Simply pull up to remove. Grab your new snap on brush head and line up the metal bar with the bottom of the brush head. Push down until you hear it *snap in place. Good Job!

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Screw On Brush Heads

Models Compatible

  • Essence

  • Xtreme

  • Elite

How To Screw On

First, you must unscrew your old and used toothbrush head by spinning it counter clockwise (to the left) while holding the bottom of the brush firmly. Align the new brush head and twist it clockwise (to the right) until you cannot turn it anymore. There you have it, your brand new toothbrush head is ready to go!

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