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How to Clean Your Nespresso Machine

All coffee machines build up calcium and lime deposits over time. Cleaning your Nespresso coffee machine will rid this build up in just 15 min or less. ​ How Often Should I clean my Nespresso Coffee Machine?

Nespresso recommends that you clean your machine once every 4 months. 

What Will You Need?

  • Fresh Water

  • 1 Liter Container

  • 1 Cup of White Distilled Vinegar


  1.  Remove any Nespresso capsules from the machine and pour white distilled vinegar and water into the water container until it reaches the maximum fill line.

  2. Place your 1 liter container under the coffee spout. 

First Rinse

  1. Turn Power On

  2. Begin the brewing Process for Your Nespresso Model (each model has a different process)  Copy and Paste this into Google's search bar in a separate tab if you do not know how to do so.             "Turn On Brew for (Your Nespresso Model)"

  3. As the Nespresso Machine descales and fills the 1 Liter container look out to see if the water container needs a refill. In this case add additional cups of fresh water. This process will take 10 min.

Second Rinse

  1. Rinse the water container

  2. Fill with fresh water ONLY & repeat the 10 min cleaning process

  3. Empty and Rinse Drip Tray

  4. Allow 10 min for Nespresso machine to dry before use

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