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How To : Use a NutriBullet Blender

The Ultimate How To Guide for the family chef who has just purchased a brand new NutriBullet Blender!

1. Choose the Right Cup

You have an option to choose between the short an tall cup. For a child serving or for chopping nuts/ spices choose the short cup. For a single adult portion the tall cup is the way to go!

2. Fill Your Ingredients

Being aware of the maximum fill line, fill the chosen cup with your desired ingredients. If you ever go over the maximum fill line your blade will not screw on properly causing ingredients to spill out while you blend! To make a smoothie you must always remember to add yogurt, ice cream, water, milk, or milk substitutes.

3. Choose the Right Blade

The extractor blade is for smoothies, purees, and ice crushing. The milling blade is to chop nuts and turn dry ingredients into a powder like substance. The blade simply screws onto the top of the cup.

4. Push Cup Into The Power Base

After securely screwing on the correct blade onto your full cup flip it upside down and place the blade gears into the blender power base. When you push down you will notice that this activates the blade the spin and blender on. Simply hold down on the cup until your ingredients reach desired consistency.

5. Use a Lid

After making your materpiece you have the option to eat/drink right away or to store away for later! Use the travel lids for drinks and flat lids for storage.


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