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How To: Use the Magic Bullet Blender

You have just bought a Magic Bullet blender and you need to know how to properly use it to prep food, make smoothies, and step up your cooking game? Great! We have created the beginners guide to the Magic Bullet Blender.

If you Magic Bullet is Broken and you are looking to fix this please read this blog instead!

Part 1 : Prep & Add Your Ingredients

1. Prep for Blending

When using fresh produce always make sure you are rinsing them before use to get rid of all those grocery store germs. Once you rinse, make sure to remove all skin, seeds, & roots.

2. Chopped

Before you can throw your ingredients in a Magic Bullet Blender Cup you must chop them down into smaller pieces to fit inside a cup measuring about 4.75 inches. For the best consistency stick to chopping into 1/2 inch pieces.

3. Choose Your Cup

The Magic Bullet comes with a tall cup, short cup, and a couple party mugs. For smoothies and drinks use the mugs, and for small portions choose the short cup. A majority of your recipes will need the tall cup!

4. Fill Your Cup

While being cautious of the maximum fill line gently slide your ingredients into the cup!

5. Choose Your Blade Type

The Magic Bullet Blender comes with a 4 point blade and a 2 point blade. The 4 point blade is called a cross blade. The 2 point blade is called the flat blade. They are each made for specific uses and you should choose the right one before blending. The cross blade is to crush ice and liquefy. The flat blade is to grind spices and nuts.

Part 2 : Operating the Magic Bullet Blender

1. Screw on Your Blade

Your Magic Bullet blade also acts as the blender cover when blending. Make sure to always place this on tightly. If you fail to do so your ingredients may spill out of the cup while blending!

2. Blend It Up

All you have to do is place the cup upright (blade on bottom) in the Magic Bullet Blender power base and push down to start the motor. When you want to stop blending let the cup go.

3. Puree Your Way

If you are choosing to puree food you should use the lock in blending feature. This is where you push down on the cup and twist to lock it in. This will continue blending without having to keep a hand on the cup for long periods of time.

4. Chunk for Spunk

To chop or chunk your food pulse the Magic Bullet Blender by pushing up and down on the blender cup.

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