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Oral B Floss Action vs. Precision Clean Replacement Brush Heads

The Official guide to choosing the right brush head for your Oral B electric brush

We are sharing the following details to compare each brush head;

  • Design 

  • Cost

  • Personal Review

Oral B Floss Action Brush Head


This brush head has an oval shape and has four rubber bristles to improve cleaning effectiveness between teeth and around the gumline.


At Enbizio where we ensure some of the lowest market prices for toothbrush heads. You can purchase a 12 pack for just 11.99 with FREE shipping. It is recommended that you replace your brush head once a month. So, this will cost you $1 a month and you will have brush heads stocked away for one full year!


Oral B states that this is one of their best plaque removers and we can back that statement up after months of use! We recommend this brush head to individuals who tend to have spaces between some teeth that carry food. The brush settings on this brush head will power through to effectively remove debris that settles. If you have extremely sensitive gums/ teeth I would recommend using a low intensity setting during use of this brush head.

Oral B Precision Clean Brush Head

Design Details

This brush head has a smaller circular shape made to fit in small crevices and areas in the mouth.


The cost of this brush head runs around $5.10 per head on Oral B’s website. Buying in bulk will reduce this price a bit and allow for proper brush head replacement.


This brush head carries a generic design and works well at removing plaque and other debris as long as you are experimenting with the correct recommended brush time.

If you are looking for Oral B Floss Action Replacement Tooth Brush Heads please click here.

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