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How Often Should I Change My Oral B Brush Head?

You're in a rush with your hair half done, hopping around trying to find the shoe you flung from the day before, applying your mascara & brushing your teeth.

This morning routine, lets face it- lifestyle of rushing around is just what it is; rushed & overlooked.

Your toothbrush should be one of the essential things in your life that shouldn't be overlooked. Oral B has one of the leading toothbrushes you can buy. Now, no matter what toothbrush you use, the length of time you use a toothbrush is critical to the quality of clean you are getting your pearly whites!

How often should you change my Oral B toothbrush head?!-the ADA states you should change your toothbrush every 3-4 months. So, about 4 times a year.

Do you change your toothbrush that often?! If not, you probably will now...

With Oral B Electric toothbrushes, you can easily change your toothbrush (head) 4 times a year. Simply grab a new brush head and either screw it on or snap it on and get to brushing!

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I hope this helps your mornings become less stressful and your smile healthy & beautiful.

Talk About bathroom goals!

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