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Top 3 Ninja Blenders 2018

Ninja Blenders are one of the most talked about blender companies.

Here is a list of Ninja's Top 3 Blenders in 2018.

Ninja MasterPrep QB1004

This blender is great for multipurpose use. You can use this as a food chopper or a food processor.

You can use this to chop onions and garlic or dice veggies. You can even blend fruit and almond milk with ice for a nice summer smoothie.

Breakfast, lunch or dinner, the Ninja Master Prep is here to help make your family gathering for dinner a little less stressful. The blender is powered by a 400-watt motor and has an ergonomic power pod that allows you to carry it without much strength.

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Ninja BL660

This blender is another great multipurpose blender. Great for smoothies or frozen drinks. It is still powerful enough to blend vegetables but it is best for a thick, smooth drink & great with shredding ice.

Like other ninja blenders, the BL660 also has a six-blade technology that lets you to efficiently crush and blend any edible material.

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Ninja Duo Auto iQ

This blender is a little more than just a blender. It's Auto iQ technology gives it the ability to suggest when you should pulse, blend and pause.

These programmed patterns can make a big difference in the smoothness of your fruit smoothies and the mixing of your iced drinks with out you having to may too much attention to it. You can be making a batch of your favorite mixed drinks while chopping up the veggies for dinner.

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