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SOLVED: Can Nespresso Capsules be Recycled?

Yes. Nespresso has made it easy for you to recycle your Nespresso Capsules!

Simply place your used Nespresso Capsules in an approved Nespresso Recycling bag, drop them off at your local Nespresso store & they take care of the rest.

Find your local Nespresso shop by clicking here!

Nespresso has partnered up with AgChoice Organics Recycling to help recycle your Nespresso Capsules.

How do the Nespresso Capsules get recycled?

First the bags of used Nespresso Capsules gets loaded onto a conveyer belt where AgChoice's staff sorts the Capsules from the plastic.

The plastic gets recycled and bailed. The Capsules then go on to a machine which beats open the capsule. The used coffee grounds get separated from the capsules and falls through a set of screens.

Once the Aluminum Capsules are empty, they are sent to another facility to be compressed and bailed. The capsules are bailed into large quantities and sent off to be melted down to be reused for other products.

What happens to the coffee grounds?

Now that the coffee grounds are separated from the Aluminum Capsules, it is turned into compost.

The material gets laid out in rows, a big machine goes through the rows and turns all the materials together. This machine "aerates" the material. This process lets fresh oxygen in and CO2 out. This process takes about 8-12 weeks before it is cured, screened and available for sale.

Do you want a new Nespresso Capsule that you can fill with your own espresso/coffee to save the environment ?

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Now you can use your favorite Nespresso Capsules flavors with a clear conscious (:

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