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SOLVED: Magic Bullet Not Working

Magic Bullet Will Not Turn On

In this case, the blender will not respond & does not show any signs of powering up

-The blender is not plugged into a wall source. Double check to make sure the cord is properly plugged into the wall outlet. The wall outlet must provide a minimum of 120 volts. Any voltage less than 120 volts will not turn the Magic Bullet on.

-The blender has a faulty cord. Inspect to see if the cord is torn or wire is exposed. If it is, please click here for further instructions.

-The cup is missing a tab. If any of the cups you are using are missing a tab, the Magic Bullet will not turn on.

If you have found that you need a new Cup or a new Power Base (please click here )

Magic Bullet is leaking

When you put the cup into the Magic Bullet base, it will blend the food, but is leaking the food that is being blended.

-Extractor blade is not screwed onto the cup lid tightly. Check to see that the extractor blade is screwed onto the cup lid properly & securely. Use the ridges of the cup to guide you. If it is still leaking, you would need a new lid. You can find a replacement lid here.

-Rubber seal on extractor blade is torn or ripped. There is a rubber seal ring on the underside of the extractor blade called the gasket. This helps to secure the blade to the cup & helps prevents leakage. If the rubber gasket is torn or ripped you will need a new one. Click here to order your new Magic Bullet rubber gasket.

-Cup is not properly secured into the power base. Double check to ensure the cup is tightly secured and locked into the power base. There are 3 slots on the power base that match the 3 lips located on the side of the cup. The 3 lips must lock into the 3 slots securely. This will also help prevent any leaking.

-There are cracks on the interior or exterior parts of Magic Bullet. Detach the cup from the power base and check all parts of Magic Bullet power base to ensure no cracks are found. Cracks in the Magic Bullet can expose any interior pieces. If you do find cracks in the Magic Bullet cup, blade or power base, click here

Blades are no longer turning

Although the device is plugged in and on, the blades will not spin.

-The blender has been in use for a long period of time. It is suggested that you do not blend for more than 1 minute. Prolonged use of the machine can cause the motor to wear out quickly & will also affect the blades eventually deeming the machine unsafe to use.

-Motor refuses to turn even though cord is plugged into a wall source. If the blades do not turn and there is a burning smell, please unplug the power base and let it cool for about an hour or so. The power base should reset once the unit is unplugged & cooled down.

-Activators refuse to operate even though cup is tightly secured to the power base. In order for the Magic Bullet to blend properly, there are special white activators on the top of the power base which initiates the blending process. If the blades fail to turn when the cup is in the power base, the activators may be stuck. You may need a new cross blade. Click here for for a new Cross Blade.

Blades Refuses to Cut or Blend Food

The blades do not seem to blend the food as quickly, thoroughly and/or as easy as it should.

-There is food stuck in between the blades. First, unplug the Magic Bullet from the outlet, remove the cross blade and clear out any obstruction or food build up.

-The cup is too full to blend or cut food. Magic Bullet offers two cup sizes; 30 oz Short Cup and 45 oz Oversized Cup. On both cups there is a max line. This line determines how much food or liquid is recommended. Filling passed the max line could cause the blades & motor to work over time or not blend/cut the cup contents.

The blades are spinning, but refuses to blend or cut food to its entirety

Blades may be dull, click here to check out our replacement cross blades.

Blender Stops Suddenly During Use

When you are using the Magic Bullet, the machine stops suddenly during use.

-Blender becomes unplugged during use. Please make sure that the cord is still plugged in the wall when blending.

-The blender has wires and/or other components exposed. Loose wires and other internal components from the device may become exposed during the course of use. If this is the case, please refer click here to purchase a new power base.

We hope this helps you Troubleshoot your Magic Bullet problem and gets you bak to blending in no time!


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