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SOLVED : Ninja Blender Not Turning On

We have gathered common solutions to this problem to get you back to blending in no time. 

Assemble Correctly

The first check you need to make is that you have assembled your blender correctly. A common mistake with blender assembly includes a gasket that is not secure or placed correctly at the base of the blade. You must also check to see if the gasket is teared or not properly cleaned. 

If you are looking for a blender gasket replacements please click here.

Lid Placement

Most Ninja blenders will not turn on until it registers that a lid is locked in. Make sure that the lid is securely placed and locked in with arrows meeting up in the correct place. 

Blade Check

Please remove the pitchers and blade so that you can see the gear attached to the power base. Attempt to power on. If the gear is spinning  your issue lies in the assembly of the lid, pitcher, blade, or gasket. 

If you believe you have a blade malfunction and would like to purchase a blade replacement please click here.

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