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SOLVED: Sonicare Charger Not Working

Below are three common issues with the Sonicare Charger and how you can attempt to solve this problem.

Determine If Your Brush or Charger Base is Broken

First things first, please check if your brush handle is working properly by turning it on and confirming that it vibrates. Once you confirm this please plug the charger into a working outlet. With a brush head attached turn the handle on. Place the brush onto the charger base. If the charger is broken your brush will stay on. If your charger is working  your brush will turn off. 

If you have determined your Sonicare charger is not working please view our low price options for a replacement here. 

Your Brush Does not Hold Charge

Your Sonicare toothbrush must be placed on the charger base for 24 hours before it is fully charged. 

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If you are looking to replace your Sonicare Toothbrush charger please go here.

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