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SOLVED: Which Sonicare Toothbrush Should I Buy?

So, you have decided on Sonicare, but there are so many models you have no idea where to begin. No worries. We have collected a list of our favorite Sonicare toothbrushes for you to compare models and find the perfect fit!

Each brush carries different price value, function, and features.

Sonicare Essence

Although, this model launched a few years back it has the power of the other expensive models. In the package you will receive two toothbrushes, extra brush heads, a charger, & a travel case.

Newer models have a sleeker look due to the larger NIMH battery in the Essence.


Price: $19.99

Replacement Brush Heads : 2 pk. $8.99

3 Stars ★★★

3 Series

If your main concern is healthy gums the 3 Series was designed just for you. The 3 series carries some of Sonicare's top notch features which is why this is one of their pricier models. Like the cousin model, the 2 series; it has the option for replacement brush heads that offer a range of options to cater to your gum sensitivity and needs.

The Lithium ion battery lasts about 3 weeks after just one full charge.


Price : $119.90

Replacement Heads : 2 pk. $8.99

4 Stars ★★★★

Diamond Clean

The diamond clean is by far one of the most futuristic toothbrushes on the market today. Sonicare takes full advantage of technology to make brushing as convenient as ever.

The brush comes with a glass charger that works once you drop your brush in (as shown), it takes a single touch to begin brushing, and the replacement heads are a *snap, literally!


Price: $219.99

Replacement Heads: 4pk. $7.95

5 Stars ★★★★★

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