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Sonicare E Series Review Collection

Hello again! We are glad you are visiting enbizio to spend time researching before you buy online. We have put together a collection of reviews to help you learn more about the true experience of the Sonicare Eseries model. We will share one, two, three, four, & five star reviews to give you a full perspective on the product.


★ 1 Star

"I already broke and i just bought it last July.

Also it doesn't come with extra replacement heads to change the old one....the replacement heads costs $22. way to expensive to replace the head."

(This customer should of grabbed replacement heads at enbizio for just $6.99!)

★★ 2 Stars

"Great price for this sonic brush. Does a great job at cleaning. Holds a charge for a long time. I haven't purchased the o-ring yet, but I periodically disassemble and clean and dry as not to have the build up other reviewers talk about. The brushes on this model take the e-series. E-series seem to be a little more expensive than the more expensive click-on models. More important, there are fewer types of brushes available to buy for the e-series. If you just need basic brushes, this model will do."

★★★ 3 Stars

"It works fine and is new but I really don't think it should be advertised to be for sensitive gums. It isn't. There is only one setting and it's the high one. My old brush had three settings and gum care was much more gentle. This brush is the high setting....probably "clean"."

I wouldn't buy it again since I wanted it gentle for gum care.

★★★★4 Stars

"Finally decided to go the electric toothbrush route now that the Sonicare line has gotten so inexpensive. I really like using this toothbrush. There's a bit of a learning curve when you first start using it, namely keeping your lips closed around it and spitting more often to keep toothpaste from flying everywhere. This thing vibrates extremely fast and it feels like it's doing all the work. I've been using it for a couple of weeks now and I can tell it's having a positive effect. "

★★★★★ 5 Stars

"After my most recent Philips Sonicare decided to start turning on and off by itself, it was time for me to upgrade. I wasn't sure which toothbrush was optimal, but right away I noticed at just how pricey these guys can really get. This one I found to be the best brush for the price by far, if you're not into all the fancy features that really racks up the price on the other brushes. If you're looking for a simple, effective, and powerful brush, this is it. Why pay twice as much or even hundreds for a brush. They all have one job anyways!"

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