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The Best Sonicare Toothbrush Models

With all the sonicare models to choose from we wanted to share our favorite with you. We based our evaluation on the following topics:

  • Price of Replacement Brush Heads

  • Charge Time and Length

  • Setting Variety

  • Package Extras

Sonicare E Series & Sonicare Diamond Clean

Packaging & Extras

Sonicare  E Series & Diamond Clean Electric Toothbrush packaging does not cut corners by any means. You are given a travel case to keep your sonicare replacement brush and brush heads organized in your bathroom or travel bag.

Charge Time & Length

The Sonicare E series & Diamond Clean electric toothbrush takes 24 hours to fully charge. Simply for one day of charging you will rack up around 1 month of use without loss of power from its powerful lithium ion battery.

Setting Variety

The Sonicare E series & Diamond Clean electric toothbrush has settings you can choose to control the vibration frequency of the brush. You can choose from 3 intensity settings; High, Medium, & Low. Most users will chose the high intensity mode for sparkling clean results. They give medium and low options for those with sensitive teeth.

Price of Replacement Brush Heads

There are many online sellers who offer great packaged prices on Sonicare E series and Sonicare Diamond Clean Replacement Brush Heads. Here at we ensure some of the lowest prices in the market! Why can we do this you ask? We specialise in appliance parts and a huge focus is on our Sonicare E Series and Diamond Clean replacement brush heads.

Click to view our replacement brush heads for the Sonicare E Series & Diamond Clean.

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