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The Ultimate Guide : Keurig Troubleshooting

A good cup of coffee can make or break your day! If you woke up to some issues with your keurig machine, we gathered the top 6 most common mistakes to help you troubleshoot as quickly as possible! If you have a unique issue you need assistance with feel free to contact us here.

Below we solve the following problems

  • Will not Brew

  • Will not turn on

  • Turns On/Off on its own

  • Leaks

  • Odd Tasting Coffee

  • "Add More Water" message appears

1. It will not Brew

Your coffee could be brewing incorrectly due to 3 reasons. We suggest you check for these reasons before you decide on purchase new parts.

Majority of the time brewing issues occur due to lime and scale build up in the brew line. To get rid of this issue please read this blog on how to descale you Keurig.

Air bubbles can also cause issues. To Solve this just fill the water container to the brim, unplug the machine, and give the machine s gentle shake to rid of any bubbles.

Another thing you can check is that all the pieces are seated properly in the machine. Some models have magnetic water containers and if they are not snapped into the right position it can be the cause of these issues.

2. It will not Turn On

If you do not receive a reaction from your Keurig after holding down the power button, try unplugging & plugging it back in. If this does not work we suggest you contact Keurig customer service.

3. It Turns on/Shuts Off on its Own

A lot of the time this issue occurs due to the built in timer being set. To solve this we must check to see if this setting is on. Find your Keurig machine and learn how to fix this common problem.

Mini: This model is set to always turn off after 90 seconds of not using it. Simply press the power button to start it up again.

Elite & Special Edition: The auto timer light is green when it is set to be turned on. If you wish to disable this setting to avoid an automatic shut off, press the auto off black button.

4. It Leaks

Leaks occur due to a faulty, old, or broken gasket. First, check to see that the gasket is in the proper place. If not, try re-aligning it. If you do not see a gasket at all, just simply purchase a new one!

5. Odd tasting coffee

If you have not changed up your coffee brand and you are tasting an odd taste in your morning cup it is usually due to one reason. Overtime, scale naturally builds up in your machine. This can become part of your morning cup if it is due for a clean. To learn how to descale your Keurig with products you have at home check out this blog.

6. "Add More Water" Message Appears

Once this message appears we suggest you fill the water to the maximum fill line and try once again. If after you have tried, this message still appears; there are a few things you can do to solve it.

First, we suggest you take the water container out of the machine and thoroughly clean it along with retuning it back into its place properly. If this message still persists, you must contact Keurig customer service.

We hope this helps you get your morning cup!


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