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Unboxing the Bella Rocket Blender

Detailing Each Piece of the Bella Rocket Blender

The Bella Rocket Blender comes with 12 different pieces. Below are a list of each piece, details, and when to use!

Power Motor Base:

This motor base has a powerful 240 W motor to blend at high speeds. This is the main piece of the blender and it will be used in every action.

6oz Tumbler Cup

This BPA free cup can be used for single serve drinks, grinding spices, and for any small blending portions.

13.5 oz Tumbler Cup

This BPA free cup can be used for travel and large portion blending.

Blending Blade

The sharp, 4 point blending blade crushes through ice and thick foods, giving a final consistency you would expect from a professional blender.

Grinding Blade

This low 2 point blade is made for grinding up spices, coffee, etc.

Storage Lids

The 2 storage lids will fit on top of your 13.5oz and 8oz BPA free blender cups. When you grind spices or blend a drink that you want to save for later, pop these caps on for safe spill free storage in your fridge.

Lip Rings

The 2 lip rings will screw on the top of your 13.5oz and 8oz BPA free blender cups for a smooth drinking experience.

Shaker Lids

The 2 shaker lids are meant to distribute any spices you create after using the special grinding blade. You can use the lids as a means for safe and spill free storage in your cupboards.

All pieces are dishwasher safe for easy cleanup !

If you would like to purchase additional or replacement items for your Bella Rocket Blender please click here.

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