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Vitamix vs. Ninja Blenders

Price & Power

Vitamix blenders are now veterans of the blender game, but Ninja blenders sure hold up against them. Vitamix's steep prices (up to $750) are made for the professional chef while Ninja's lower prices and similar features can amount to the same outcome; a tasty meal! If you are looking for a blender with the most power we vote Vitamix. If you are looking for a blender that has slightly above average power for a budgeted price, we vote Ninja!


When head to head both Ninja Blenders and Vitamix Blenders blend through food (green leafs, fruits and veggies) equally. They will both effortlessly juice ingredients in under 60 seconds regardless of the difference in power. Basically, the Vitamix can blend a larger amount of ingredients a bit quicker than the Ninja.


Ninja blenders have a nice short and wide style pitcher and base while the Vitamix blender takes on a long and slim design. Although they hold the same amount of ingredients the Vitamix is a bit taller than the average Ninja. If you are looking to store your blender on a kitchen counter with overlooking cabinets I would ensure height will not restrict you!


Although Ninja Blenders have less power than the Vitamix they can definitely stand the heat. Press play on the video below for further understanding!

We hope this helps you make an informed decision before purchasing a brand new blender!

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