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Why is My Ninja Blender Leaking?

Top causes of Ninja Blender Leaks and How to Fix Them

If your Ninja Blender is leaking, no need to panic! We have gathered the top causes of this common issue along with how to fix it.

1. You Have Never Cleaned Your Gasket

Each blender blade has a rubber gasket attachment that requires maintenance. If you have never cleaned your gasket there is most likely food debris or build up along the rim. This will leave openings for your ingredients to spill through. Attempt to remove the rubber gasket and clean with soap and water. Try again. If your blender is still leaking move to #2.

2. You Have Never Replaced Your Gasket

Rubber gaskets, although made well, will have to be replaced from time to time due to long periods of use or malfunction. At Enbizio we provide premium gasket replacements for the lowest price on the market. Choose your ninja model here and have your gasket replacement shipped the same day. You will be back to blending in no time!

3. You Are Overfilling Your Cup

Another common mistake made by Ninja blender users is that they are filling up the cup past the maximum level line. Be sure this is not the problem by making a smaller portion and testing.

If you are interested in purchasing a replacement gasket for your Ninja blender please click here.

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